We are excited to announce that the BBSRC has awarded the group and collaborators at the Universities of Bristol, Portsmouth, East Anglia and UCL, £4.9m for the grant entitled ‘Creating and comprehending the circuitry of life: precise biomolecular design of multi-centre redox enzymes for a synthetic metabolism’. This has been funded as part of the BBSRC’s flagship Strategic Longer and Larger (sLoLa) grant scheme, and provides 5 years of funding to build completely new protein-based circuitry, catalysts and light harvesting assemblies.

For more details and publicity, please click the following links:



Our sLoLa team consists of Ross as PI, with Adrian Mulholland, Tom Oliver, Paul Curnow, Sofia Oliveira and Fabio Parmeggiani at Bristol, Bruce Lichtenstein at Portsmouth, Julea Butt at UEA, and Amandine Marechal at UCL, and we will be shortly recruiting multiple postdocs and PhD students, at both Bristol and Portsmouth.

Positions will likely be advertised in April/May, so please look out for our adverts!

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