Assoc. Prof. Ross Anderson

Principle investigator

Associate Professor in Biological Chemistry


Dr Adrian Bunzel

Honorary Senior Research Associate

Creating enzymes by design and evolution:
Photocatalysis; Analysis of the electrostatic and dynamic origins of catalysis


Dr Angelique Coutable

Post-doctoral researcher

Protocell design and assembly


Dr Sofia Oliveira

Post-doctoral researcher

Molecular Dynamics and MCCE calculations


Dr Ioatzin Rios de Anda

Post-doctoral researcher

Study of protein self-assembly and interactions to yield functional binary gels


Claire Noble

PhD Student – Synthetic Biology CDT

De novo heme protein design and redox engineering (Co-supervised by Prof. Adrian Mulholland)


Paulina Dubiel

PhD StudentSynthetic Biology CDT

Design of de novo flavin-binding proteins (Co-supervised by Dr. Marc van der Kamp)


Ben Hardy

PhD StudentSynthetic Biology CDT

Design of bioenergetic membrane proteins (Co-supervised by Dr. Paul Curnow)


Tim Neary

PhD Student – SWBio DTP

De novo heme protein assembly design and Rosetta-VR work (Co-supervised by Prof. Adrian Mulholland)



Dr George Hutchins (2016 – 2021) – PhD student – Postdoc at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Dr Bettina Frank (2013-2020) – PhD student – Postdoc at Institut de Génomique Fontionnelle, Montpellier

Dr Richard Stenner (2015-2020) – PhD student – Postdoc with Prof Christiane Berger-Schnaffizel

Dr Jack Steventon (2015-2019) – PhD student – Researcher at Zentraxa

Dr Katie Grayson (2015-2018) – Postdoc – Toulouse Biotechnology Institute

Dr Jonnie Jenkins (2014-2018) –  PhD student

Dr Kristian Le Vay (2014-2017) – PhD student – Postdoc at Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry

Dr Craig Armstrong (2010-2013) – Postdoc – Actuary at Aviva

Dr Christian Pernstich (2013-2014) – Postdoc – Senior Research Scientist at Cell Guidance Systems

Dr Dan Watkins (2010-2014) – PhD student – Postdoc in Prof Ian Collinson’s lab (Bristol)