Registry of protein designers and engineers

Les Dutton and Dutton Lab alumni:

Les Dutton (UPenn) – protein maquettes, electron transfer, bio-inspired photosynthesis

Ron Koder (CCNY) – artificial blood, solar energy harvesting and transduction

Anne Jones (ASU) – bio-inspired hydrogenases, protein electrochemistry

Dror Noy (MIGAL) – natural and artificial photosynthesis, energy transduction

Bohdana Discher (UPenn) – trans-membrane and amphiphilic maquettes, functional nanomaterials

Protein designers and engineers:

David Baker (Washington) – computational protein and enzyme design, ROSETTA package

Birte Höcker (Bayreuth) – protein fold evolution, ROSETTA design, computational protein design

Bill Degrado (UCSF) – de novo protein design, membrane protein design, computational tools design

Dek Woolfson (Bristol) – de novo coiled coil assemblies, ISAMBARD computational protein design package

Angela Lombardi (Napoli Federico II) – Artificial metalloenzymes, de novo peptide and protein design, bioinorganic chemistry

Anna Peacock (Birmingham) – de novo coiled coil metalloprotein assembly and structure

Vincent Pecoraro (UMich) – de novo metalloenzyme and metalloprotein design, catalysis

Yi Lu (UIUC) – metalloprotein engineering, bioinorganic chemistry

Michael Hecht (Princeton) – combinatorial protein assembly, de novo proteome

Giovanna Ghirlanda (ASU) – metalloprotein design, protein electrochemistry

Ivan Korendovych (Syracuse) – de novo metalloprotein design, enzyme design

Frances Arnold (Caltech) – protein engineering, directed evolution, cytochromes P450

Rudi Fasan (Rochester) – metalloprotein engineering, abiotic chemistry

Fabio Parmeggiani (Bristol) – ROSETTA protein design, repeat proteins

James Murray (Imperial) – de novo beta-solenoid proteins, photosynthesis

Modelling Maestros and Computational Chemists:

Adrian Mulholland (Bristol) – Computational enzymology

Marc van der Kamp (Bristol) – Computational enzymology and biochemistry