It was a great pleasure to return to Philly at the end of May for Les Dutton’s retirement symposium and party. Les has had an exceptionally distinguished scientific career, principally working on the fundamentals of electron transfer and tunnelling in respiratory and photosynthetic complexes, as well as the de novo design of functional redox proteins. It was with Les at UPenn that I carried out my second postdoctoral position, and much the of work that the Anderson group carries out now is directly informed by my time in Les’ lab.

Dutton lab alumni, family and friends
(l-r) Greg Wiedman, Tammer Farid and yours truly…

The symposium was a fantastic exposition of the careers of the Dutton alumni in the years since leaving his lab – from academic research to software development for AirBnB! – and it was amazing to have a family reunion with so many of the folks from my time at Penn. Les, we wish you all the best in your second career and look forward to seeing your paintings on tour in the UK!


An original Dutton – HP7, in watercolour!


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