• 2018-present: DPhil in Synthetic Biology, University of Bristol
  • 2014-2018: Masters of Biochemistry, 1st, Univeristy of York


  • structural biology (X-ray crytallography, cryo-EM),
  • rational protein design,
  • biocatalysis,
  • use of enzymes in biotechnology.


  • Master’s project (2017-2018): I worked in the Grogan Group. I successfully crystallised two novel bacterial cytochromes P450. I gained experience in X-ray crystallography, protein expression and purification, solving and visualising protein structures .
  • 3rd year project (2016-2017): I worked in the Wilkinson Group. I worked on characterisation of ABC transporters in R. equi.
  • Summer project (2017): I worked in the Baumann Group, where I investigated how low-temperature plasma exposure affects morphology of E. coli . I gained experience in fluorescence microscopy, TIRF, image processing and analysis.
  • Summer project (2016): I worked in the Plevin group , where I investigated the possible use of MCM helicases in nanopore sequencing . I gained experience in protein purification and sample preparation for cryo-EM.


To follow soon!


  • running
  • cycling
  • reading